About Us

BRIJLAL PTE LIMITED is a direct importer, distributor and retailer which is recognised as one of the leaders in the electronics and home appliance business in Fiji. It has been in operation for the last 60 years and continues to serve the people of Fiji with an ever increasing product range. With a massive product offering in a wide array of brands, Brijlal caters for customers from all walks of life.

The Company’s Product Range Includes:

  • Consumer Electronics (TVs, home theatre, cameras, mobile phones, etc)
  • Home Appliances (refrigerators, washing machines, gas stoves, kitchen appliances, etc)
  • Information Technology (laptop computers, printers, monitors, peripherals, memory products, etc)
  • Commercial and Home Air Conditioning
  • Watches
  • Calculators & Cash Registers
  • Electronic Music Instruments
  • Homewares
  • Kitchenware
  • Sports and Safety Footwear
  • Sporting and Fitness Equipment
  • Furniture

Brijlal Pte Limited currently has 10 retail stores all over Fiji and a dedicated service centre. 

In addition to its retail activities, Brijlal is also involved in wholesale activities supplying stores throughout Fiji and neighbouring Pacific Islands.

The company is constantly on the lookout for major new lines and products as it strives to provide a product range and services that the consumers of Fiji will appreciate.